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Bunny The Killer Thing

Released in 2015, Bunny the Killer Thing introduces us to a group of Finnish young adults heading for a fun weekend at a cabin in the dark woods of Finland. By chance, they encounter three foreign men who are invited along.

The weekend at the cabin becomes a game of life and death, when a weird, English speaking creature attacks from the forest to terrorize the party animal people! The creature, being half man and half rabbit, is full on a Bunny the Killer Thing!

Every now and again, a movie comes along that captures the imagination of sick and twisted minds.....and puts a smile on the viewers face. With a trailer worthy of its own review, BtKT definitely wets the appetite.

Within moments of the opening scene, we are thrust into the action and left with no doubt that the journey we are about to undertake, is not for the weak, not for the sensitive, and definitely not for the easily offended. If you are any of these, walk away, walk away now, but take a sneak peek over your shoulder as you never know........

With the warnings out of they way and if you are still here, what should you expect? In short.....horror, gore, violence, nudity, masturbation, knicker sniffing, cock slapping, pussy loving, belly laughing fun fun fun!

Excellently cast with some visually stunning shots of the beast as he chases his prey through the naturally beautiful Finnish landscape. The general story has been told a thousand times, kids. cabin, killer etc....but the format in which it is presented to us is again, fun, fun, fun!!


Oh yes! The B is loud and proud, shouting it from the highest mountains, BtKT is awesome! However it does come with a health be careful when privately practising “the helicopter“!

Give it a go, yeah it’s for the intellectual because there’s subtitles!! But it’s so worth it! Plus if you don’t, how will you grasp, the sequel...........


THE B CLUB RATING :  B b b b b

Starring: Enni Ojutkangas, Matti Kiviniemi, Jari Manninen, Orwi Manny Ameh, Veera W Vilo, Roope Olenius, Hiski Hämäläinen, Vincent Tsang, Katja Jaskari, Marcus Massey, Gareth Lawrence

Director: Joonas Makkonen

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