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Blood Paradise

Added 24th July 2019

Review by: Martin Tranter

Blood Paradise

Released in 2019

Blood Paradise

Writer Robin Richards is sent to a farm in the Swedish countryside by her agent after her latest novel flops to regain her focus. She finds herself in surroundings she is not used to and meets odd new people. Life on the farm is about to take a turn for the worst.

Writing is a dying art.

Blood Paradise, the trailer gives a very good feel as to what to expect from this film and shows most of the major players. The first ten minutes or so makes you wonder what kind of film you have stumbled into as there is quite a bit of nudity/sexuality on screen which is not a bad thing in this case.

We are introduced to Robin Richards (Andréa Winter) who plays the main role and she holds the whole film together very well. Her boyfriend Teddy (Patrick Von Barkenberg) is played by the films director who senses something is off from the beginning when Robin is sent to re-focus on her career at a farm retreat by her agent.

When she leaves the city for the Swedish farm the aura of the film changes and it all becomes very surreal for her. We are introduced to a range of characters from zany to downright creepy, all very well played in their own right. They also add some very dark humour if you’re of that ilk especially by The Driver, Hans Bubi (Christer Cavallius).

The film slowly burns as we are introduced to each character in turn, this is segmented by titles for each which is a nice touch. Past the hour mark is where the film ramps up the danger for the main character and there are some very nice set pieces and lots of blood. The camera work especially for long shots and the film’s surroundings is exquisite at times with its haziness and colours, however the editing could have been improved as some scenes seem over extended, but this is a minor detail.

I'm looking forward to see what the Director has in store for future releases.

Blood Paradise, an eerie and entertaining film with a solid lead actress and amazing camera shots!

Blood Paradise
Blood Paradise
Blood Paradise
Blood Paradise
Blood Paradise


Starring: Andréa Winter, Patrick von Barkenberg, Ellinor Berglund, Martina Novak, Lars Brunnström, Christer Cavallius, Ingrid Hedström , Rolf Brunnström, Linda Dahlin

Director: Patrick von Barkenberg

Blood Paradise is available now from Artsploitation Films

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