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Big Trouble In Little China

Released in 1986, Big In Trouble In Little China introduced us to the great Jack Burton, owner and driver of his beloved Pork Chop Express.

All is well in the world of Jack until he "helps" a friend, Wang, by joining him to collect his fiancée Miao Yin from the airport.  Trouble erupts when the Lords Of Death kidnap Miao Yin to sell in the sex trade.

After a chase through the back streets of Chinatown, Jack and Wang find themselves caught up in a gang battle, that is until the introduction of "The Three Storms" and their sorcerer leader, Lo Pan.

Thus begins their mystical journey into Chinese mythology and the dark arts.  Joined by the beautiful "green eyed" Gracie and entourage, will the forces of good or evil be victorious?

Border line B-Movie (let the debate begin), John Carpenter has enriched our lives with one of his best.  With help from soon to be "A-listers", a great story, laugh out loud comedy and more witty one liners than a Schwarzenegger convention, you will be left thirsty for more!

Are your ready?  Jack was born ready!


Starring: Kurt Russell, Kim Cattrall, James Hong

Special Appearance: Al Leong

Director: John Carpenter

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