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Big Ass Spider

Released in 2013, set in Los Angeles, an alien spider escapes a military lab, growing at an excessive rate, the Big Ass Spider goes on the rampage.


Our two heroes, Alex (Exterminator) and Jose (Security Guard), after a chance meeting, set out in the pursuit of the pesky insect, peacefully assisted by a military task force.


Who will win this epic battle? More importantly will the battle be over before the city is destroyed?  If only Alex had a few more "Heroes" to assist!

Visually, even without considering the B-Movie budget, Big Ass Spider ticks all the boxes and more, undoubtedly the star of the show.  Greg also puts in a good performance as our down on his luck and loveless hero.  


A well worthy watch, B-Movie?  Not so sure, little bit too impressive on the acting side and special effects, must try "harder"? 


Starring: Greg Grunberg, Lombardo Boyar

Special Appearance: Lloyd Kaufman

Director: Mike Mendez

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