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 "I'm being romantic" 


Update 13th March 2019

Review by: James Clark


Released in 2019,

Bed, set around a couple having a day in bed it looks at the complexities of a relationship and has fun with the idea of taking time out to relax.  

With a nod to directors such as Woody Allen, Bed has a pleasant, easy to watch premise that feels a little voyeuristic in its realism but endears itself by making you realise that normality is OK.  


The story is simple and allows you to enjoy the narrative and smile as you see elements of your own relationships either past or present in the story.

An interesting and slow paced film that relies on you letting yourself get caught in the narrative and simple (but still dynamic) shoot style.  

Overall the film feels like a quiet study in human nature as we see the differences between the two characters and how the story plays out.


In conclusion, this is a sweet, innocent and ultimately naturalistically acted film that looks at human relationships with a smooth style built around a single locale giving it a cosy feel.  




Starring: Cody Clarke and Chloe Castiglioni

Director: Cody Clarke

Bed is coming to Prime March 2019

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