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Beaster Bunny (AKA Beaster Day)

Released in 2014, The Beaster Bunny, a 50ft abomination, is on the loose.  The local townsfolk don't stand a HOP in hell, as the floppy eared killer goes on the rampage.  


With the Easter Parade in jeopardy, Mayor Farnsworth is keen to deflect attention away from a wild animal on the prowl, by blaming the Evil Amish.


The only hope for the town is if two employees of the local pest control, The Dog Catcher In The Rye, Doug and Brenda, can put an end to Beast's lust for blood.


WOW!  We do have a contender here for the worst movie ever created.  From the creature (bearing no resemblance to the DVD cover), which is a actually a superimposed puppet and it's lust of the naked lady (be warned. there are a few), to the terrible "acting" and awful over dubbing, you will be howling out loud, just not often enough!

The movie does have it low moments, with the eccentric mayor doing his very "best" to lift.  If you fall asleep for 20 minutes, you could wonder why the low rating.

A must watch for True B-Movie lovers only, one point, budgets not usually mentioned, however, estimated cost USD150,000!!!



Starring: Peter Sullivan, Marisol Custodio, John Paul Fedele

Director: The Snygg Brothers

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