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Bait - AKA The Taking

Released in 2014, Tired of their mundane lives working on a street stall, Bex and Dawn dream of opening their own up-market café.


With all the banks rejecting their business loan applications, Jeremy, a local loan shark may be their only option.


Will these two amigos get their loan? If they do, what will the interest be? And will they be left, for The Taking?

Unfortunately based on factual truth, Bait is a warning to all who find themselves in desperate need for cash with seemingly nowhere to turn.

Focusing on the extreme side of the "business", especially when not abiding by the lenders rules, with the repercussions of late, or worse none payment, being expertly captured in brutal fashion.

All Hail The Gore!!!

An enjoyable watch, just make sure you have the cash to pay for it!

No spoilers as always from The B Club, but when you think the movie is over, it's not over......and hopefully there's more to come...


Starring: Victoria Smurfit, Joanne Mitchell, Jonathan Slinger

Special Appearance: Rula Lenska, Charlie Chuck, Adam Fogerty

Director: Dominic Brunt

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