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Bad Taste

Released in 1987, Peter Jackson (yes THAT  Peter Jackson of Hollywood), said hello to the world of B-Movies with this beaut of a movie on his very first outing.


Set in New Zealand in an apparently deserted village called Kaihoro, "The Boys" are sent in to investigate mysterious activities and save a hapless charity worker, Giles, from collecting his impending doom.  The Boys, employees of The (A)stro (I)nvestigation and (D)efence (S)ervice,

Derek, Ozzy, Frank (fresh from their antics in CI5) and Barry, have the skills, have the knowledge and have the weapons, but do they have the stomach to take on visitors from another planet?

Bad Taste is 1.1/2 hours of pure enjoyment.  With sublime action, pin point comedy and the goriest of gory effects.  Peter Jackson, we salute you, but where did it all go wrong.........

Miss this at your peril!


Starring: Terry Potter, Pete O'Herne, Mike Minett, Craig Smith

Special Appearance: Peter Jackson

Director: Peter Jackson

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