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Bad Milo

Released in 2013, Duncan's life is sh#t, literally!

Tormented by his boss and family, mounting stress triggers a gastrointestinal reaction.  Desperate for help, he turns to eccentric hypnotherapist, Highsmith, for help, where they soon discover the root of his unusual pain, Milo.

Upon excessive anxiety, Milo forces his way out of Duncan's intestines, to seek revenge on the wrong doers, Bad Milo!


Concerned over Milo's actions, Duncan must befriend his inner demon before his wrath goes too far and get to the "bottom" and the truth behind Milo's existence.

Bad Milo has everything to make it a B-Movie classic, the cast, the production, the story, the lovable Milo, unfortunately upon the end credits, you a left feeling flat and disappointed.  Not terrible, but such a missed opportunity

Bad Milo 2?  Please save this worthy franchise.


Starring: Ken Marino, Gillian Jacobs, Peter Stormare

Director: Jacob Vaughan

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