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Attack Of The Adult Babies

Released in 2017, Russian mobsters force a family to break into a remote country manor and steal top secret documents.


Unbeknown to the reluctant thieves, the manor is home to a  seedy society. The current residents are wealthy English businessmen, cared for by "capable" nurses, acting out their deepest darkest Adult Babies!

If that isn't strange enough, there is an unnatural obsession with "the bottle", physical transformations after feeding time and a strong desire for full nappies.

What other secrets does the manor hide? What "thing" could be behind the insane behaviour and cause, the attack of the adult babies?

AotAB is British comedy horror at its finest. Many have attempted to master the "Attack of the....." series, but only a few have achieved the levels that such a great title deserves.


A slick production, awesome casting and the wildest story imaginable is more than enough to keep you entertained, but then the ending, wow, leaves you thirsty for more......just maybe not for the bottle!

Strictly for True B-Movie lovers only, you have been warned!


Starring: Kurtis Lowe, Kate Coogan, Maria Metheringham,

Sally Dexter, Joanne Mitchell, Mica Procter, Andrew Dunn, Seamus O'Neil

Special Appearance: Charlie Chuck (David Kear), Dominic Brunt, Laurence R Harvey

Director: Dominic Brunt

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