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Attack of the Killer Donuts

Released in 2016, influenced by the obvious, this is a modern take on a storyline that has been told a thousand times, mad scientist creates a chemical, donuts become accidentally contaminated, donuts turn rabid!

The battle for supremacy takes place in a sleepy town in America,

predominantly set in a local donut shop, Dandy Donuts.  Who will be our hero?  Johnny & Michelle the loyal co-workers?  Maybe officer 

Roberts & Hammerstein, aka the Keystone Kops?  Pots, pans and other kitchen utensils at the ready, this is going to be sweet!!

Well, not really.......apart from the odd scene including a shower experience worthy of a Hitchcock production, this movie is a little underwhelming.  It promises so much but delivers so little.  Cute little effects leave you wanting to take a donut home (missed franchise opportunity), but unfortunately not the movie.


Worthy background viewing at a push.


Starring: Justin Ray, Kayla Compton, C.Thomas Howell

Director: Scott Wheeler

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