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15th June 2019

No Longer Network


The B Club is delighted to announce our collaboration with a fellow supporter of indie film........


NO LONGER NETWORK, a new and exciting free to access VOD platform, dedicated to short indie film. See below for more information on the EPIC services NLN offer.

In general:

NO LONGER NETWORK is a platform built around the culture of short films. We strive to build a community of short form film enthusiasts and give them a place to display their works, offer and receive feedback, boost their creativity, engage in discussions, and of course, be entertained by the wonderful medium that is short form filmmaking.


NO LONGER NETWORK is a VOD platform with 100% free access. Our library consists of short films under 15 minutes in length of various genres, countries of origin, languages, budgets, making and premier dates.

Viewers are invited to create an account and gain access to our entire library. Our “Watch” page gives viewers access to a category view of our library, where films are divided by different filters; genre, country of origin, length. Our "Editor’s Choice" section spotlights a selection of the best movies from the latest submissions chosen by our editors, and our "You Might Like" section offers a payed promo placement category, where filmmakers can promote their movie for a small weekly fee.

Original production:

In addition to our VOD library of short films, we plan to create our own original content. Below are examples of a few shows that will be published exclusively on NLN:

“Watch Along” - An NLN journalist sits with creators to watch their short in our studio while sharing their thoughts on their work, crazy stories from set and interesting facts or lessons they have learned through their journey.

“Long Story Short” - In a classic stand up style, a speaker comes up in front of microphone and tells a short but compelling story that could be potentially true... or fiction. The audience gets to vote whether they think the story is true or not through a poll and the answer is revealed at the beginning of the next episode.

“Interview” - Casual one on one interviews with a short form filmmaker hosted by one of our journalists, over coffee, of course.

“Milk Crate” - A show that focuses on reviewing filmmaking tools, and innovative ways of using them. It will present on technological aspects such as camera, sound, and grip/gaffer equipment, as well as tips

and tricks on how they can be used to their fullest potential, while also discovering and comparing apps and their capabilities that can assist a filmmaker in any department.

Film submissions:

NO LONGER NETWORK submissions are open to filmmakers of any age, race, gender or nationality. There are only two rules that have to be followed: any submission has to be under 15 minutes in length including credits and if your film is not in English, we request that you provide English subtitles.

Submitting a film to our platform is as easy as uploading it to any other film or video portal. We require that only Director or Producers submit films as to ensure that the submitter has the right to share the given film.

Our blog:

ARTICLES in our blog follow the content of our platform and are used as our news feed and serve to further engage our community.

When a new film has been added to our library, an article is posted inviting people to watch it and discuss it in the comments section. When a new video app review is out, an article will be created that sums up the content of the video and will encourage people to watch the full video. Interviews with filmmakers are transcribed in written form for brief and easy consumption. There will be original articles as well that follow short film festivals, filmmaking news, paid promotions and other topics related to short film creation.

BUILDING A COMMUNITY is our main priority and we believe providing a written blog that allows people to share their opinions and discuss related topics makes the community more engaged and therefore attached to the platform.

Live stream:

NLN  LIVE is a 24/7 online stream that will rotate short films chosen by our editors and original shows. We are launching this broadcast later this year online, and are reaching out to local venues that might be interested in streaming our broadcast.

CREATOR DISCOVERABILITY is our main priority. We will display the name of each film and its director that appears in our stream, as well as a QR code that will link to the film’s profile page on our site.

ADVERTISEMENT will be limited to 30 seconds between each film or show and will be monitored and implemented by our team to make sure we are not promoting anything that does not comply with NLN representation. These ad placement spots are created in order for NLN to be able to support the server, pay for our team’s work, and build up a fund for expansion and future projects.

Film festival:

NO LONGER FESTIVAL is a short film competition organized by NLN’s team that allows people from all over the world to compete and win prizes in various categories. Submission fees will vary depending on the festival submission date.

THE FESTIVAL BEGINS with semi finals which be held online every two months, five times a year. A total

of 15 films will be chosen and promoted on our website and will be automatically submitted into our live

festival where they will be presented and a final winner will be chosen. The winner of our Festival will receive a monetary prize, various prizes from our sponsors and partners, as well as other exclusive benefits.

FILMFREEWAY.COM is a platform that we are partnering with on exclusive terms. FilmFreeway is currently the biggest online film festival platform online with more than 7,000 of the best international and domestic film festivals, including 70 Academy Award/BAFTA  accredited organizations. We will be using FilmFreeway’s reliable system to handle all festival applications and promotions.

THE  VENUE for our festival will be determined based on the amount of guests, and will be located in or around Los Angeles, CA.


NLN does not charge audience or filmmakers for viewing of any of our content, neither do we clutter

our site with advertisement. At this stage we are using YouTube’s embedded player to display content

which comes with skippable advertisement played only before each film. Revenue from this advertisement covers the cost of maintaining the server, domain name, pays the team behind NLN, and

builds up a fund for future original production shows and expansion.

We’ve built our platform with filmmakers in mind to make sure it is beneficial for them to submit their films. NO LONGER NETWORK makes it extremely easy for any viewer to find and reach out to the creators behind every film published on our platform in order to share their thoughts, invite them to collaborate, or hire that creator for their own project. We’re here to support filmmakers and film enthusiasts in their pursuit to making the content they wish to bring into the world, and to give viewers an optimal place to enjoy premium quality entertainment.

The B Club would like to wish NO LONGER NETWORK all the success it deserves and once again is delighted to be partnered with such an exciting project.

This collaboration confirms our passion to support Indie Film and our continued commitment in;

Bringing Indie & B-Movie Fans Together.

Sign up for free today at NO LONGER NETWORK and check out the official social media platforms below:




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