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9th July 2019

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Jessie - Born In The Ring - Made In The Midlands

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Jessie is blackmailed into boxing for a ruthless gangster who threatens everyone he loves.

Filmed locally in the heart of WOLVERHAMPTON, Jessie promises to pack a punch by offering a mashup of "Rocky Balboa" meeting "Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels".


Written by and starring the inspirational Ross Heath who also is the Co-Director alongside Christopher Livermore and Ciaron Davies, Jessie is also supported by an EPIC cast, including the likes of  British wrestler James Jennings, Lynne Harvey, Benny Bereal, Clarke Tribe, Rahel Kapsaski, Mike J Stevenson, Penny Judd, Swaylee Loughnane, Rene Costa, Patrick Carney Junior and many many more......


Jessie is currently in production and due for release 2020, to keep up to date with all the latest info watch this space or check out the official IMDb page HERE.

Jessie, Gangsters, Guns and Grit.......

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