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 "Will I be OK?" 

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Added 9th March 2019

Review by: James Clark

Stories Of The Subconscious Mind

Released in 2018 (Runtime 10 minutes)

Stories Of The Subconscious Mind


Psychiatrist Alice Davenport has the unique ability to travel into the subconscious of others. When Carter Brooke, a young man with severe depression, wanders into her office, she doubts his psyché will be any different from the others she's already helped. She's wrong.

With a subtlety in the acting, both George (Nettleton) and Bethan (Nash) draw you in with their softly spoken conversation, appropriate for the setting in her psychiatrist office. It is only as she delves into his psyche that we start to get an idea of the character and the twisted sense of Georges mind.  Cleverly played out it does take a second viewing and read at the synopsis to connect the two distinct scenarios together but, like all good cult films a second viewing clarifies the narrative. 

The clever use of sound and the distortion of the effects giving it a dystopic edge that fits perfectly with the overall theme.  

In conclusion the scope of Stories of the Subconscious Mind to expand into a wider series is there and it has just enough chills to be a potential cult short.


Starring: Bethan Nash, George Nettleton

Director: Curt Dennis

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Stories of the Subconscious Mind
Stories of the Sunconcious Mind
Stories of the Sunconcious Mind
Stories of the Sunconcious Mind

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