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Added 10th October 2018


Released in 2014 - 8.1/2 minutes


There are now billions of human beings, alone in the universe.  Adam, the first man, was developed by Heaven, a metaphysical power house of innovation and design. 


Saturday is a spoof documentary short film interviewing the angels that were part of the process in the development of Man.  Going from department to department and speaking to those who were involved in the project at the time.


We hear what went wrong and why the metaphysical power house of creation design that is Heaven, ended up shelving the project.

What did go wrong?

Saturday, a mockumentary of biblical proportions! Based on the format that Heaven (Ltd) is a huge corporation with only one man (or woman) in charge, with the real heroes being the guys on the shop floor, telling their story of the events as they unfolded.

With man being compared to the likes of the development of the next big thing.... maybe the first car...... or the first TV..... maybe the first I-pad...... big things expected, but to then find out man was like the first DeLorean, or even worse, the Sinclair C5, no wonder the plug was pulled!

Saturday, a fun satirical look at the creation of the human race, worth 8.1/2  minutes of anyone's time!



Starring: Dan March, Lainey Shaw, Kathryn Worth, Monique Squeri, Adrian Kabba, Christian Ancliff, Jill Winternitz, Jonathan Hansler

Director: Phillip Crosby

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