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Added 31st October 2018

Halloween Hell Night

Released in 2018, Halloween Hell Night, a new horror anthology film that features clowns, killers, psychos and demons .

The witching hour is approaching, lock your doors and prepare to face your biggest nightmares this Halloween.

Halloween Hell Night, released on the EPIC night itself, is a collaboration on an international scale from some of the greatest minds in the modern day B-Movie Indie Horror Industry.

From the weird to the wonderful, from the gory to the beautiful, from the haunting and sometimes hypnotic tales that are told, there is something for everyone here that will take you all the way to the witching hour and beyond.

Halloween Hell Night, where great minds collide providing a visual feast and putting poetry into motion.

Trick or treat........



Starring: Tiffany Lynn Braley, Faith Charles, Nico Charles,

Eilyaah Davies, Raquel Davizz, Charlotte Handley, Alexander Hauck, Rahel Kapsaski, Chris John Livermore, David Pullin

Directors: Tony Newton, Sam Mason Bell, Ross Heath, 

Wesley Skelly, Nick Charles, Jason Figgis, John H Shelton,

David Black 

Halloween Hell Night, free for one night only HERE on YouTube.

Further release information to follow.

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