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  "Imagine you are a giant….   and you just destroy stuff” 

Giant Women - Micro Budget

Added 23rd April 2019

Review by: Sam Salerno

Giant Women - Micro Budget

Released in 2018 - 9 minutes 40 seconds

Giant Women - Micro Budget

Go behind the scenes during the making of the ultimate B movie and watch normal sized women crash through tiny buildings, or is it giant women crashing through normal sized buildings?

This little ten minute documentary is not really a B movie in itself. It is a well made documentary capturing the behind-the-scenes on the set of a B movie. We get to see a very creative and unique director at work. Director Jason Kartalian takes us behind the scenes (actually on a rooftop in Long Beach) during the filming of the new Jeff Leroy picture.

This is by no means your typical filmset. Their rooftop filming location has been filled with fake buildings that Leroy built himself. This documentary let us get a glimpse of the scattered, unorganized, but somehow effective filmmaking process. We mostly see interviews of cast and crew, and the occasional shot of a normal sized actress crashing through a tiny building. I’m sure the finished film will use selective angles to make it look as though it is giant women and normal sized buildings, which is a really cool idea, but here we get to see the even more absurd version- what it actually looked like on set.

I think Kartalian’s intention with this short documentary was to show not just how absurd it was on that film set, but also to show us the crazy genius that is Jeff Leroy. I finished this documentary really wanting to see the finished film, so I think this documentary was


It was short, simple, well-made, and engaging, which is about all you can except for a less than 10 minute run time.

Giant Women - Micro Budget
Giant Women - Micro Budget
Giant Women - Micro Budget
Giant Women - Micro Budget


Starring: Vlada Fox, Jeff Leroy, Tom Newth, Rachel Riley, 

Tasha Tacosa

Director: Jason Kartalian

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