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Added 7th September 2018

Blood Stains

Released in 2018 (Festivals), Blood Stains, having dreams and aspirations bigger than his band and girlfriend, Laz leaves them  behind to become a star in America.


On route, the ambitious singer meets a mysterious hitch-hiker called Seth, but will Seth turn his dream into a nightmare?

Blood Stains, a short running at just 13 minutes and 30 seconds, including credits. Edited in a style that gives the illusion that the story is moving at a quicker pace than the actual....a rather clever trick with the length of this feature.


We then meet Seth, a mysterious character (the B is pretty sure he calls Laz Mr Anderson at some point!), and that's when Blood Stains heads into a league of it's own, building to it's thankfully inevitable frantic conclusion. 

From the opening scene and throughout, this feature oozes class with excellent cinematography, stunning editing, and kick ass tunes, courtesy of the Directors band, The Mulberry Purple. Unfortunately the music does take away some of the focus from this quality short. Although both are a good fit for each other, by the end it does feel like you have just watched a prologue for The Mulberry Purple's latest track.........a killer track!


Blood Stains, a really, really good short, but is it a "Thriller"?    


Starring: Hansel Ramirez, Aaron Gaffey, Fernanda Romero

Special Appearance: Blake Vaz

Director: Blake Vaz

Blood Stains is currently on the festival tour, including the

Official Latino Short Film Festival in October, tickets available HERE

Watch this space for further release information.


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