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The Bill Murray Experience

Released in 2017, at a crossroads in her life, director, writer and actress Sadie Katz embarks on a year long quest to have a magical experience with the legend that is, Bill Murray.

A Bill Murray Experience, an urban legend? An internet myth? A fantasy? From all the stories that have been told and haunting the internet, surely it must be a reality?

For those who claim to be on the receiving end of one of Bill's spontaneous actions, no matter how simple or how elaborate, Bill's immortal words will hang over them forever "no one will ever believe you......."


So can The Bill Murray Experience be hunted? Sadie Katz seems to think so....and nobody is going to stop her on her crazy journey.

From the beginning, it is clear Sadie means business, in a slightly concerning "stalky" kind of way. It's also not long before the viewer becomes concerned with Sadie for her sanity and wellbeing.

At a low point in her life from a relationship breakdown, Sadie delivers a very personal and sometimes powerful documentary, where the end goal, lets take a quick reality check here is quite insignificant, affects her friendships, health and possibly her career.

That said, The Bill Murray Experience is an enjoyable watch. With the subject matter being what it is, it will never be ground breaking, however, the viewer will be drawn in, purely to see if and hope that Sadie can achieve her life long dream.

A worthy watch.


Starring: Sadie Katz, Bill Murray, Joel Murray, David Price, P J Soles

Director: Sadie Katz

Available via Prime and coming soon on Blu-ray and DVD;

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