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100 Million BC

Released in 2008, 100 Million BC, A team of navy seals, led by Dr Frank Reno, must travel back in time in an attempt to rescue a party from a previous expedition, from the 1940's.


Is man (and woman) ready to handle the early Cretaceous Period? Will they find the survivors? And if they make it back, will they be alone?


100 Million BC, the time travel movie of the new Millenium!


Well, not really, but what “The Asylum” have given to us is a remove your brain for a couple of hours, and have a good relax......maybe even a nap!


Whilst the general story is good (excellent linking with “The Philadelphia Experiment”), awesome casting (some pull here!) and special effects being of a “typical” B-Movie standard, the pace of the movie slowly drags down your enjoyment, almost to the point of boredom.


Along with the tame nature of the filming (feels like a TV Movie), 100 Million BC is definitely for day time background viewing only, or in the early hours if you cannot sleep.....this will surely send you off.


A disappointing release with so much more potential, saved only by some classic B-Movie moments.


Starring: Michael Gross, Christopher Atkins, Greg Evigan, Stephen Blackehart, Marie Westbrook, Wendy Carter

Director: Griff Furst

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